The operational benefits of Electrostatic Systems span a wide range. Besides purely technical functions, their use has many positive effects: higher quality, higher productivity, and less downtime, wastage and environmental pollution.

From a business perspective, this means:

  • shorter test production runs
  • fewer production errors
  • less waste, spoilage and machine downtime
  • savings of production time, energy costs, ink, paper, cleaning agents and solvents

Competitive Quality

The quality of a product is a decisive factor in its market success. Quality in this context may be ecological quality, performance quality, safety quality or visual quality. Many progressive companies have used Electrostatic Systems to set new quality standards and to achieve a definite edge in a competitive market.

Retrofitting and installation provisions

When and how can Eltex Electrostatic Systems be added to your production process? This is a question with several possible answers and we will be happy to answer it specifically as part of our recommendations and service to you:

Eltex welcomes the opportunity to work closely with manufacturers of new presses and production machines, early in the design phase, to engineer provisions for later, easy installation of Electrostatic Systems.

You have questions … we have answers

You can search the world over, but you will find no company with as many proven, “off-the-shelf” solutions and as much seasoned, practical know-how in the field of electrostatics as Eltex. We provide our customers with solutions … answers that bring them total control over static electricity, as well as systems that overcome undesirable side effects of manufacturing processes using the unique strengths of controlled electrostatic energy. This also includes the application knowledge and skills gained from research, development and experience. Eltex has been doing this for four decades, so we have amassed application solutions fitting virtually all manufacturing processes.

  • In general, Eltex products can be retrofitted into existing production installations or machines.
  • Many new press manufacturers recognizing the importance of Electrostatic Systems and engineer necessary modifications to fit Electrostatic Systems. This forethought later saves time and money for their customers.