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High Voltage Generator - POWER CHARGER

The new Eltex POWER CHARGER generation replaces the high-voltage generators series KNH34 and KNH35.

One notable feature of the new POWER CHARGER generators is the innovative control concept.

The integrated software regulates the output values with high speed and reliability.

Load changes are detected in milliseconds. The output is adjusted using automatic power rating. This increases process reliability and the service life of electrical components.


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WATCH - to see how the Eltex power charger can improve the effectiveness of the material filters in PPE face masks.


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High Voltage Generator - KNH18

Eltex static charging equipment - static generators KNH18

The KNH18 High Voltage Generator is a multipurpose voltage supply unit for any high voltage application and for Eltex charging bars.

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High Voltage Generators - KNH65

Eltex static charging equipment - static generators KNH35 & KNH65

Part of our extensive Static Charging Equipment range, the Eltex KNH35(30kV) and KNH65(60kV) High Voltage Generators from Renmar are universally usable, heavy-duty DC power supply units for Eltex static charging bars and pinning heads. Their outstanding features are their exceptionally low space requirements, high performance and ease of use.

Both the KNH35 and KNH65 are equipped with both a Profibus and an analogue interface socket to allow easy connection to a PLC or central control console, or to permit remote, 24V switching of the HV output. This flexibility makes both units suitable for use in a wide variety of high-voltage industrial and laboratory applications.

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High Voltage Generator - KNH124

The KNH124 is a  universal 120kV DC supply unit which is suitable for all high-voltage applications in laboratories and industry and is compatible with Eltex static charging bars:

It features microprocessor-controlled, menu-guided operation (in multiple languages), are user-programmable output and monitoring parameters, a digital field-bus concept and the internal safety features common to all Eltex high voltage generators.

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