TCO030 – Terracompact II

The TCO 030 Terracompact II is designed to provide a monitoring facility for grounding and bonding systems during filling or decanting processes involving potentially explosive liquids or materials.

The Eltex Terracompact II will automatically identify faulty, disrupted or defective ground links in the installation. Any break in the grounding or bonding system causes the process to automatically stop until the integrity of the system is restored.

The Terracompact II is enclosed in a standard casing for mounting on a top-hat rail to DIN 46277 for installation in a switchgear cabinet or a control room.

Technical information


TCO030 – Terrabox

The TCB030 Terrabox is designed to be installed in an explosion hazard area and can be directly connected to a clamp. Two clamps can be accommodated when used for FIBC monitoring.  The Terrabox has a dual colour indicator lamp which signals the grounding state, whilst the integrated contacts allow an enable interlock circuit to be incorporated.

Technical information


601KR  series Cable Rewinders

The 601KR series cable rewinders are wall mounted units which store and rewind grounding cable used for temporary connection of a grounding clamp, protecting the cable from damage.

Two versions are available: The 601KR/AW has an impact resistant aluminium casing and can accommodate up to 20m of grounding cable.

The 601KR/KW  is a plastic version for easy use and can hold up to 9m of grounding cable.
Both cable rewinders are approved for use in explosion hazardous areas and can be supplied with different ground clamps to suit a range of applications for the various applications.

Technical information