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Static Multi Monitoring

Static measuring & monitoring - multi monitoring

Static Multi Monitoring is a graphic measuring system which allows the long-term monitoring of static charges during production or processing of plastic or paper materials. Static measuring and recording allows static control methods to be properly selected and controlled to enable effective static charge removal from the process. Up to three static field sensors can be positioned at any point above the material and data recorded on standard compact flash cards. These can then be analysed on a PC to give a full picture of static charges.

Measured data can be saved for periods ranging from days to over a year, depending on the recording intervals selected and the capacity of the memory card. The is an option to have recording started and stopped by a machine control system, whilst a signal relay can transmit an optical or audio signal if the selected limits are exceeded.


– for identifying static charges as quality-impairing variable

– for monitoring and documenting the efficiency of the discharging systems in use

Leaflet (PDF)

Technical information (PDF)