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SDS Smart Discharging System

The new Eltex SDS Static Discharge bars provide a stand-alone discharge bar which does not require an expensive High Voltage Power Supply. Instead, it uses a simple 24V power supply, either taken from a machine control circuit, or via a simple commercial power supply.

The SDS is ideal for those one-off problems which often occur on unwind or rewind stations, or where static control is required at both ends of a machine, which would otherwise require very long HV cables to be routed. Delivery stations on sheetfed presses are a typical example.

The SDS also has a longer range than the traditional R50 discharge bar which is limited to 70-100mm from the web. The SDS 7 has a range of <150mm, whilst the SDS11 has a range of >150<300mm; more than enough for most sheetfed printing and wind/unwind stations on plastics web processing.

The SDS is ideal for those difficult delivery problems on injection moulding machines, as it can be easily positioned along a delivery conveyor, or where the components are fed into a plastic bag or bin, to prevent static shocks or component “clumping”.

Easy to install, long range and versatile; the Eltex SDS provides an ideal solution for those one-off static problems.